Dakat Kali Bari

Dakat Kali Bari (Dacoits’ Kali Temple) of Purna Das Road, (earlier Manoharpukur Road) Kolkata had a very old history. The present temple that we see was formally built in 1891. But the deity of Goddess Kali made of kasti pathar (touch stone) was much older than the temple. It was said that this Kali was worshipped by Manohar Bagdi or as he was popularly known as Manohar Dakat (dacoit).

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Century old Kartick Puja of Halder Family


The Kartick Puja of Halder family of 15, Ramanath Kabiraj Lane has reached its centenary this year. It started in the year 1918 by Rakhal Das Halder (1896-1955). The family performs Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Jaggadhatri Puja, Kartick Puja and Saraswati Puja out of which only Goddess Jaggahatri is worshipped in the thakurghar situated upstairs.

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