Nabaratna Kali Mandir, Balaram Ghosh Street, Kolkata

A nabaratna temple dedicated to Goddess Bhabatarini along with two aatchala Shiva temples of 2/2A, Balaram Ghosh Street in North Kolkata deserves mention. It is a Grade – I heritage structure as per Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s “Graded List of Heritage Buildings”.

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Bally Bridge

Willingdon Bridge or more popularly known as Bally Bridge (now called Vivekananda Setu) will be celebrating its 90th birthday today. The bridge was inagurated by the then Viceroy of India Marquess of Willingdon on 29th December, 1931. A stone plaque commemorating the event is found at the Dakshineswar side of the bridge, though the condition of the same is not in a good state.

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Greek Orthodox Church, Kolkata

Greek Orthodox Church of 2A, Library Road, Kolkata – 700026 is a Grade I heritage building under Kolkata Muncipal Corporation. This church is comparatively new compared to the other churches of the city of Calcutta (now Kolkata). The foundation stone was laid on 3rd November,1924; and the first prayer was held about a year later on 19th November, 1925.

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Rash festival of Choto Rasbari

When we speak of Rasyatra (Rash festival), we think of the full moon which normally falls in the month of November (Kartick purnima) after Lakshmi Puja. That Rashyatra is celebrated in different parts of the state and also in Kolkata. It is a three day festival and on each day, normally at night the idols of Radha Krishna are taken from the temple to the rasmancha where rasmancha exists. Fairs are also held in some areas like Khardaha, Belur, Cossipore, to name a few.

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Noku Babu’s grand collection

There are so many old things in this city which is difficult to see in one place. If you want to see those antique items in one place or in one room, meet Sushil Kumar Chatterjee popularly known as Noku Babu, a nonegarian residing at North Calcutta (now Kolkata) whose grand collection will easily startle you.

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Durga Puja of Jorasanka Dawn Bari

Durga Puja is the greatest festival of the Bengalees. It is celebrated not only in barowari puja pandals but also in many bonedi households of Bengal. In Calcutta, (now Kolkata) it is held in many houses with much pomp and splendour maintaining all the age-old rituals and customs. One such house is Jorasanko Dawn Bari of 12A, Shibkrishna Dawn Lane where the puja is being held since 1840. Continue reading Durga Puja of Jorasanka Dawn Bari