Household Jagaddhatri Pujas in Chandannagar

When we speak of Jagaddhatri Puja in Chandannagar, the first thing that reminds us is that the puja is celebrated here for four days just like Durga Puja. But there are a number of families who celebrate the puja in Nabami tithi where the pujas of Saptami, Astami and Nabami are held in a single day.

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Family Durga Pujas in Janai and Baksha

A number of families in Janai and adjoining Baksha in Chanditala II block of Hooghly district celebrate Durga Puja with great pomp and splendour even today. Some of the pujas are pretty old. This year I decided to cover four such pujas – two each in Janai and Baksha, though there are other pujas also.

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