Jagaddhatri Mandir, Kolkata

When we speak of Jagaddhatri Puja, the first thing that comes to our mind is Chandannnagar in Hooghly district of West Bengal where the puja is held for five days just like the Durga Puja. Then comes Krishnanagar where it is a single day festival – held in the Nabami tithi. Apart from Chandannagar, Mankundu and Bhadrewsar are also famous. In Kolkata, mostly the puja is held for a single day just like Krishnanagar.

Goddess Jagaddhatri inside the temple.

In Kolkata, near Elgin Road crossing, I came across a temple of Goddess Jagaddhatri which arouses my interest to know more about the history of this temple. Just looking at the temple, one will feel that it is not so old. My interest led me to contact the priest and from him I came to know more about this temple.

According to him the temple stands here for just 25 years; though the puja is old. This year it will touch 97 years. The puja was primarily started by Gokul Charan Auddy, who happens to be the maternal grandfather of the present priest at a place in Gobinda Basu Lane. From there the puja was shifted to its present address at 71/B, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata.

Maa Jagaddhatri.

Here the puja is held on Nabami following the Baisnab rituals though daily worship is performed. The features of the puja include Kumari Puja and Dhuno porano though the latter has been stopped for only two years. There is no bali; but sugarcane and chachi kumro are used for sacrifice. Naibidya is offered to the goddess. Here no annobhog is served to Maa Jagaddhatri but only luchi bhog and different types of bhaja are offered to the goddess. Another remarkable feature is that all the foods that are served here are vegetarian.

Going there:

In order to visit the temple, the nearest metro station is Rabindra Sadan. The temple remains closed during the afternoon.

Date of posting: 28th October, 2019.

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