Bishnu Rameswar Shiv Mandir & four aatchala temples

Adi Ganga served as a major pilgrim route. A number of temples were built by the side of it. They were dedicated to either Shakti, Shiva and Vaisnav cult. Some of the temples are pretty old and some have undergone renovation

Apart from the temples there are a number of ghats and some are also associated with the adjoining temples like the ghat of Choto Rashbari in Tollygunge. The condition of some of the ghats are pathethic and on the verge of collapse

Bishnu Rameswar Shiva Temple

Among the large aatchala (eight roofed) temples, Bishnu Rameswar Shiv Mandir of M.L.Sen Lane, Kolkata deserves special mention. A flight of stairs leads to the temple. The temple is founded by Babu Ram Ghosh in the Bengali year 1214, which according to Gregorian calendar comes to 1807. The dates are visible from the foundation plaque probably made of kosthi pathar (touch stone) on the top wall of the temple. The temple is west facing and situated in an enclosed compound.


Beautifully designed floral motifs adds beauty to this temple. There are three doors and on the top of each door is crowned with these motifs. Stucco works are also visible. This temple compound gets crowded during Maha Shivaratri and Nil Puja. When I visited this temple I found a number of trees in the compound which creates a sort of shade.

Nearby four aatchala temples:

A little distance from Bishnu Rameswar Shiv Mandir there is a cluster of four aatchala temples: three are south-facing temples and the other one is west-facing. The temples are built in 1195 according to Bengali calendar which corresponds to 1788 in the Gregorian calendar. Therefore these cluster of temples are much older than Bishnu Rameswar Temple. Out of the four temples, three are in a dilapidated condtion while the last one has undergone some renovation.

There is plaque on the last temple from which we can know the year of construction. I visited this temple twice and they are situated in a very narrow lane and its rather difficult to take photographs owing to lack of space.

One thing about these temples which deserve mention is one can see floral designs on bricks in the temple wall and some terracotta work.


Kolkatar Mandir Masjid by Tarapada Santra.

Date of posting: 19th June, 2018.

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I am an amateur photographer. I like to visit places to see the unseen and know the unknown and capture the memory in my camera.

3 thoughts on “Bishnu Rameswar Shiv Mandir & four aatchala temples”

  1. Kinjal,
    It is really praiseworthy that you are photographing and documenting these temples and structures for posterity. Your zeal and dedication is noteworthy.
    BTW, any idea who Babu Ram Ghosh was? Is this the same person after whom the road in Kudghat is named?


  2. From the year mentioned, it seems this Ram Ghosh is neither the Ramlochan Ghosh (Dewan of Robert Clive) of Pathuriaghata fame nor is he Babu Ramgopal Ghosh of the Young Bengal generation, who was in the forefront of many a socio-cultural issues of the mid-19th century Bengal.


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