Ram Sita Temple, Doltala, Uttarpara

Uttarpara, the fourth station in the Howrah-Bandel line, is roughly about 11 kilometers from Howrah. It can be reached either by road or by rail and even by water. Uttarapara being the first municipality of Bengal was created in 1853. This beautiful town houses the first public library built by Joykrishna Mukhopadhyay in 1849, which, at that time was the biggest library of India.

Uttarpara also has a number of temples, which are quite important from the heritage point of view. It has a beautful pancharatna temple along with two aatchala temples dedicated to Lord Shiva which is the only Terracotta temples of Uttarpara. Apart from that one will find two temples – one dedicated to Bhardrakali and another to Ram Sita at a place called Doltala in Uttarpara.

Bhadrakali Temple

About one kilometre from Uttarpara station and more than two kilometres from Bally Khal (canal) stoppage via Grand Trunk Road, there is a place called Doltala, which will fall on your left if you travel from Bally to Uttarpara. Crossing the Ram Sita Ghat Street you will spot first the Bhadrakali Temple built in 1730 by Manohar Roy, King of Sheoraphuli. Though the present temple has undergone much renovation, and looks newly built but the idol of Bhadrakhali is made of black stone.

Ram Sita Temple.

A little distance from Bhadrakali Temple is another temple dedicated to Ram Sita. This south-facing dalan type temple was also built under the patronage of Sheoraphuli Raj. Built by Raja Rajchandra Roy, son of Raja Manohar Roy on 15th Aashin, 1169 Bangabda (October, 1762 A.D according to Gregorian calendar), this temple has also undergone renovation a number of times. Inside the temple there are idols of Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrugna, Hanuman and Sita.

Ram and Lakshman.

Daily worship is performed here. The temple is well maintained. I have visited this temple twice, and, on both the occasions I found the main door of the temple closed. That is why the door is displayed in the above photograph. A flight of stairs will lead you to the main temple.

Stone plaque

In order to visit the temple:

1. Take any local train of Howrah-Bandel section and get down at Uttarpara station. From there take either an auto or a toto or even a rickshaw and get down at Doltala. A couple of minutes will lead you to the temple.

2. From Sealdah station board local train of Sealdah-Dankuni section and get down at Bally Ghat station. From there board an auto or a toto from Bally Khal stoppage and get down at Doltala.

3. The temple can be reached even by metro railway. Get down at Dakshineswar station. Take an auto and come to Bally Ghat after crossing the Ganges. After reaching Bally Khal take either an auto or toto and reach Doltala.

4. The temple can also be reached via Grand Trunk Road.

After reaching Doltala, and walking for a couple of minutes you will first spot Bhadrakali Temple and then Ram Sita Temple. It is better to visit the temple either during the morning or in late evening preferably around 7:00 pm so that one can have the darshan.

Date of posting: 21st April, 2021.

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