Radha Madhav Temple, Amadpur

Amadpur, a village in Memari – I block of Purba Barddhaman district has a number of terracotta temples of which Radha Madhav Temple deserves mention.

Radha Madhav Temple, Amadpur

The temple has rich decoration of terracotta on the front three panels along with the pillars and the base “depicting the tales of Puranas”.

Front of the temple depicting terracotta work Pic courtesy: Shiladitya Chaudhuri.

The presiding deity of the temple is Radha Madhavji who is worshipped daily. I was pretty lucky as I was present at the time of the worship in the morning. The salagram shila of Laxmi Janardan is also present inside the temple sanctum and is worshipped along with Radha Madhav.


There are a number of festivals which are celebrated here with great pomp and gaiety such as Rathayatra, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Rashyatra and Dolyatra to name a few. During Rathyatra, which is a principal festival of the Chaudhuris, the idols of Radha Madhav are taken out from the main temple and placed inside the chariot.

Rashyatra, which falls in the Bengali month of Kartick (November) is celebrated here for three days when Radha Madhavji is dressed in three different besh – Raj besh, Rakhal besh and Natobar besh. Apart from kirtan there is also kabigaan. But the most important festival of Radha Madhav is Dolyatra which is held during the spring (March) when the family deity of the Chaudhuris – Radha Madhav is taken out from the main temple accompanied by kirtan and placed on a swing on the Dolmancha in the early hours of the morning.


The Dolmancha is placed on a high plinth and the front panel has terracotta works. The Dolmancha is built in the eighteenth century by the Chaudhuris. There debdol is performed at dawn followed by a special puja of Radha Madhav. After dol sweets are offered to the locals.

To visit Amadpur take any local train going to Memari from Howrah. From the station take any auto or toto and visit Amadpur which is roughly four kilometres from Memari station.

I am very much thankful to Shri Shiladitya Chaudhuri for providing me the necessary information.

Date of Posting: 23 May, 2020.

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