Siddheswari Kalibari, Kutighat

There are a number of Kali temples in Baranagar which are more than hundred years old of which Siddheswari Kalibari in Kutighat is one. Built by zamindar Joy Narayan Bandopadhyay in 1843, the temple is one hundred and seventy five years old. A road – Joy Narayan Banerjee Lane – in Baranagar is named after him. He was a very pious and religious man.

Siddheswari Kalibari, Kutighat

The temple follows the traditional dalan (flat-roofed) type of architecture with six neo-classical columns. The temple has undergone some renovation in the top front portion. The temple is south-facing and situated in an open space. The temple is in a raised platform and a flight of stairs will lead you to the temple. The presiding deity is Siddheswari and the idol is made of wood. It is said that Ramkrishna Paramahansadev visited this temple a number of times.

Siddheswari Kali

Puja is performed here on a daily basis but the main festival are (i) Falaharini Kali Puja which falls between mid-May to mid-June in which different kinds of fruits are offered to the goddess Kali; (ii) Dipannita Amavasya (Deepabali) which falls between mid-October to mid-November in which the puja is performed at night in the new moon and bali or sacrifice is still practiced, and (iii) Ratanti Kali Puja on Chaturdashi tithi ( a day before the new moon) which falls between mid-January and mid-February. A large number of people came here during those days to witness the puja.

Going there:

In order to visit the temple one needs to take an auto-rickshaw from Sinthi more; but do visit the temple during the morning and in the evening as it will remain open and you will get a darshan of Maa Siddheswari.


(i) Bishoy/Baranagar – Ajit Sen;

(ii) Kutighat Siddheswari Kalibari – Jawaharlal Chattopadhyay.

Date of posting: 5th November, 2018.

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I am an amateur photographer. I like to visit places to see the unseen and know the unknown and capture the memory in my camera.

4 thoughts on “Siddheswari Kalibari, Kutighat”

  1. Did we visit the temple the other day during our Cossipur-Baranagar Walk under your guidance? May be it was closed and we simply passed it by from outside. Still, where did it come in the sequence? After Ramakrishna Memorial/ Pramanick Kalibari/ Kuthighat/ Kanthadhari Math?


  2. Did we visit this temple the other day during our Cossipur-Baranagar Walk? May be it was closed that time and we simply passed it by from outside. Still where is the location? Did it come come after Ramakrishna Memorial/Pramanick Kalibari/ Kuthighat/ Kanthadhari Math?


  3. Hi Mr. Kinjal Bose,
    I live in New York, I am trying to locate the descendents of Late Abinash Chandra Dahn (অবিনাশ চন্দ্র দাঁ )
    He was a photographer in 1890’s, lived in Cossipore,
    He photographed many persons of Cossipore, Baranagar,area of female and male around last decade of 1890’s.


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