Anandamoyee Kali Temple, Krishnanagar

There are a number of temples in Nadia district of West Bengal of which Anandamoyee Kali Temple in Krishnanagar deserves mention.

Anandomoyee Temple

Founded by Maharaja Girish Chandra, the great grandson of Maharaja Krishnachandra in 1804 (1726 as per Saka calendar), this temple is situated close to Krishnanagar Rajbari. The adjoining area is known as Anandamoyeetala. The principal deity is Anandamoyee Kali. Maharaja Girish Chandra happened to be a tantra sadhak and he reigned during 1802-1841. This south-facing temple is a flat-roofed with upper storied char-chala (four roofed) type of architecture.

Another view of Anandomoyee Temple

The main four roofed temple is about 40 feet in height and about 20 feet in length and breadth. It is made of brick. The temple has a triple arched entrance and a flight of stairs will lead you to the temple. There is as such no terracotta work but one can witness some floral motifs on the walls.

Anandamoyee Kali

Inside the temple sanctum Maa Anandamoyee is worshipped along with other gods and goddess. When I visited this temple during the time of Jagadhatri Puja this year, I found a large number of people offering puja to the goddess. Not only that there is a puja-like atmosphere in the temple complex with the beautiful fragrance of incense sticks.

Anandomoy Shiva

There is another temple dedicated to Anandamoy Shiva in the south-west corner of the main temple and to visit it, one will have to climb a flight of stairs.

Going there:

To reach this temple take any Krishnanagar-bound train from Sealdah station and get down at Krishnanagar and take either a toto or a rickshaw from the station to visit the temple.


(i) Nadia Jelar Purakriti edited by Amiya Kumar Bandopadhyay & Sudhir Ranjan Das.

(ii) Brick Temples of Bengal by David McCutchion.

Date of posting: 30th November, 2018.

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